Foundation 01 Day Program
Number Of Participants
Maximum 10 to12 participants are allowed in a batch.

ISO can help "everyone be better off" environmentally and economically This (01day) course is designed for those individuals interested in learning about the ISO14001 requirements and the Guidelines for preparing the Environmental Aspect, Impact & Risk Control of the organization.
OHSAS 14001 has gained the popularity around the world due to the fact that no management wants any accident or incident in their respective premises due to environmental aspects. The purpose of this standard is also “TO PREVENT ENVIRONMENTAL ACCIDENTS”. EMS 14001 helps organizations to develop a comprehensive Emergency Preparedness which can leads towards the accidents prevention and continuous improvement of safety standards.

Objectives: Course Methodology
Lectures, Power Point Presentations, Case Studies with workshops and Open Discussions.

Who Should Attend
General Managers, Managers, Departmental Heads and Supervisors, Safety Officer, Internal Auditors or other interested parties

A certificate on successful completion will be issued to each candidate that meets the following: If any candidate not qualified in the examination, only certificate of attendance shall be issued.
For 01 day program there will not be any examination.